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Advantages to using your spa – Greater Sacramento Area

Hi all! The Summer season never seems to end! This week is still in the mid 90’s and won’t drop down until the end of the weekend. However, after that, it should get a little cooler out! Here at Leisure Time, we are have been experiencing a HUGE number of calls about spa service, spa startups, and spa repair. We covered some of those topics in our last blog, so we thought it would be a great idea to write about the advantages of using your spa, called Hydrotherapy! Below are some reasons you should get your spa ready for the winter asap! 1. Stress Warm water massages and stimulates the body to release endorphins, a chemical manufactured by the brain and naturally reduces stress. Spa’s hyrdo jets also dilate blood vessels preventing headaches. Also, soaking in warm water before ...

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Spa and Hot Tub Start Ups for Fall and Winter – Greater Sacramento Area

Hey all! So even though the weather in Sacramento is still keeping steady in the high 80’s and low 90’s, the temperature is decreasing fast at night and will soon overall decrease in the coming weeks going into October and November. This means out of the po0l and into the hot tub! Here at Leisure Time we know that this is the way of the world and have been receiving many calls about spa start up issues. So, here are a few basic things to do in order to get your spa up in running in no time! A. There are many products out there for cleaning the spa surface like Leisure Time’s Spa Fast Gloss, but you can also use non-abrasive cleaners like windex on the spa shell. Using products with bleach can harm your spa shell, so avoid those.  Clean the spa jets for dirt and grime that can ...

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Grillin’ Tips – Greater Sacramento Area

Hey everybody! This weeks has been in the 90’s and looking sunny! Its the perfect weather for pool parties and grilling! With your kids or grandkids in the pool, us adults can get kinda bored just watching them. Well, break out the tongs and meat and get grilling! Grilling Tips Safety First – Don’t grill in an enclosed area; use baking soda to control grease fires, not water; place grill on stable ground; make sure food is properly cooked and handled to avoid food-borne illness. Keep it Hot – Preheat your grill to prevent food from sticking. You’ll be able to hold your hand five inches above the grate for two seconds if the fire is “hot” and three to four seconds if the fire is “medium-hot.” Keep it Clean – Last year’s food does not make a good seasoning for this year’s ...

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