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Is Your Pool is Ready for Summer?

Published: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey there pool owners and future pool owners! The sun is coming out and the rain is disappearing, hopefully for the rest of the season! People are emerging from hibernation and are looking forward to warmth and the outdoors. Don’t be late this year to the party! Get your swimming pool ready for summer so that when the warm weather hits, you’ll be ready to make a splash!
Here are some tips on how to “summer-ize” your swimming pool.

1. Turn everything on
Since your swimming pool equipment hasn’t run all winter, turn it on to see if anything is leaking or making funny noises.

2. “Testing… 1,2”
Test the level of “total dissolved solids,” (TDS) such as calcium, in the water to determine whether you need to drain and refill your pool. Some water is so loaded with calcium and other minerals that can build up and prevent your pool chemicals from doing their job. In some cases, the TDS levels are so high that a pool needs draining and refilling with clean water that will respond to the chemicals in appropriate amounts. We are running a special for Spring Pool Tune Ups for 149.00 that will adequately cover these problems.

3. Salt is a Must (Margaritas are Optional)
If your swimming pool is salt-chlorinated, check salt levels and clean the cells regularly. This is especially important if the salt system stops producing when the weather gets colder (most systems stop automatically at about 52 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Safety First
Check that your pool’s safety features are in good condition. Inspect the fence or wall that keeps children from wandering into the pool; the self-closing, self-latching gate; and the rescue and first-aid equipment near the pool. Update your list of emergency numbers.

5. “Shock” Value
When opening your pool for the summer, we recommend raising the chlorine level of your swimming pool above 5.0 to get started. You can do this yourself with oxidizer (called shock) from your swimming local pool dealer. Be sure to choose a product that’s compatible with the Kayak Three Way filtration system. It is beneficial to shock your above ground pool regularly during swim season; otherwise you can invest about $500 in an ozone generator, which will continue to automatically shock your pool.

6. “It’s Electric!”
To be safe, we highly recommend that you call a licensed pool contractor to install ground fault circuit interrupters on all outlets that power outdoor electrical equipment and to check that your pool’s wiring and installation are up to code every summer.

7. Inspect and Detect
Finally, inspect all handrails, diving boards, ladders and slides around and in your swimming pool. Tighten up or replace anything that has become loose or damaged over the winter m