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Tile Cleaning



We remove unsightly, ugly scum, calcium buildup, and other deposits on your tile, rock and bricks. We will make your pool tile attractive and beautiful again. State-of-the-art equipment is used to assure quick and efficient cleaning. Restores tile to it’s original color and beauty, enhancing the beauty of your backyard. A special tile sealer is applied during cleaning to assure a lasting protection. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Process includes: Draining the pool/spa down below the tile (without draining the entire pool costing you money to refill and balance the water). Using our state-of-the-art equipment and recovery system we will safely remove calcium, scale, and scum from the tile. Next we will apply a special tile sealer to the tile and vacuum the entire pool/spa clean. With our State-of-art recovery system we recovery 98% of debris removed from the tile leaving your pool clean of debris that other system may leave behind. Next will be for you to sit back and enjoy the restored tile.

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