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  • Solar Options

Solar Installation & Service

We inspect, repair, and install Solar Panels on your roof.
Solar systems are an inexpensive way to provide additional heat for your pool. Solar panels provide a more consistent water temperature and help to extend your swim season.

The major advantage of these systems is that because sunshine is free, they have no operating cost. Another plus for environmentally concerned pool owners is that solar energy is renewable and non-polluting. The implementation of these cost effective systems enhances the enjoyment of a swimming pool and adds value to the home. A cold swimming pool is unused, and offers no return on investment. Proper sizing and installation, in addition to a quality product are primary concerns when considering using this form of solar energy.Our Solar panels have a fifteen year warranty and will provide years of enjoyment. Installation will be sized and installed by professionally trained service technicians.

Solar Inspections & Maintenance

We provide a spring startup and fall winterization. Which includes a 15-point system check.

Solar Winterization:
All systems when shut down for the winter are properly checked and completely drained to avoid costly freeze damage.

Solar Spring Start Up:
Inspect solar panels, roof anchors, and solar controls. Refill solar lines and inspect for leaks.