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PRICE over QUALITY- The New Way people spend

Published: Friday, March 28, 2014

PiggyBank_page-bg_16009Price over quality is the new way people spend their hard earned dollars today. But is it the best way to spend your money?

I had owned and operated a service based business for over 20 years during the years 1996-2006. During this time, the economy was booming and people had cash to spend on quality work. The service industry, in whole, got PAID FOR WHAT THEY WERE WORTH! If the service based company did not perform at that level, they did not get the job no matter their cost. “People wanted quality over price”. Times have changed. After the 2008 recession hit, peoples wallets locked up and everyone was forced to hunker down, tighten their belts and sacrifice quality for cost. The “Fly by Night” service companies that “blow and go” sort of speak got all the bread crumbs from the Kings table forcing the companies performing at A level Game to “cheapen” their service in order to stay alive. What quickly became the result? “The WALMART SYNDROME.” What is that? High volume low cost and cheap quality service forcing all the competitors who provide A grade service to compete at C or D  grade level. In today’s market, consumers now expect and require A grade work at C or D grade pricing. Ultimately, this “Syndrome” is forcing TOP service companies out of business.


What can be done about this? How can we get our quality service back? Are you sick and tired of hiring companies performing at C or D grade level work? Well, then be willing to spend more for the quality work you desire. SUPPORT CAPITALISM. It’s time to get our economy back. It’s time to invite local service businesses back into the industry whom will “raise the bar” again to where it used to be. For me, I am sickened by what I see everyday. Bait and Switch. Dishonesty. Unreliability. Poor Quality. Irresponsibility. These are just a few words that come to mind when talking about these “fly by night” companies. Many people think that they are being responsible and saving money by going cheaper. But the truth its, you end up spending more…much more. I once ran into a previous customer of mine at a Starbucks who normally had me service their home every 6 months. All of a sudden, I didn’t see them for almost 3 years. I tried following up but with no avail. During my random “run-in” at Starbucks, I asked, “how have your been?” With embarrassment they immediately responded with, “Sorry I haven’t called. I wanted to see if there was difference between the cheaper guys and you who are more expensive but always did amazing work. I am embarrassed to say “YOU WERE RIGHT”. They nearly ruined my house. I was then too embarrassed to call you back.” I then replied, “No problem. Lets get you back on track. I hope you learned your lesson [snicker].” YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

SO, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO SETTLE for less? Raise your standard. Open up you pocket books and allocate additional resources and support your local servicemen. Lets together start to invite the quality work and servicemen back into the industry. They are hard to find but I think it is worth finding them. As a marketing manager for Leisure Time Pool, I speak with customers whom are disappointed with their current Pool Serviceman. It is almost always because they wanted to pay less for the same level of service they want from a more qualified company. It will rarely ever happen. Always pay what the company is worth. Hire based on reviews, qualified referrals and character…not based on price.  As one who works for a company who holds quality and commitment with high regard, I can honestly say, “WE ARE WORTH EVERY DIME YOU SPEND ON US.”

Author: Ryan Lazalier