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Testimonials and Reviews

In addition to those found on Google and Yelp, you can find most of our testimonials and reviews here. If you would like to send us feedback, contact Leisure Time today!

Here are a few of our customers’ testimonials:

Here are a few of our customers testimonials…

Good day Alicia and the rest of the team at Leisure Time Pool Service. Thank you so much for the hard work, the quick turn around and the willingness to be flexible with my client!!! The pool looks fantastic and the repair work to the pump looks brand new- excellent work- job well done. Many, Many THANKS
Most Sincerely,

– John “JB” Brown, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

We first met Jerry Houseman of Leisure Time Pool in February of 1997. He rang our door one mid-afternoon to explain that he lived around the corner and that he owned a pool service. He had been hearing frogs (re-beep, re-beep) in the evening and concluded that they must have taken up residency in a nearby pool.

Our pool had become green, and these frogs (we do not know from whence they came), had claimed our pool as their place of respite. Needless to say, we were embarrassed – but, we knew we needed help. Jerry was convinced he could fix our problem and offered his services. With much guilt, we took him up on his offer knowing this would be no small undertaking. With unwavering dedication, Jerry began to work his magic on our pool. We don’t recall how long it took, but he stayed on top of the job. Amazingly our pool water was once again restored to a “healthy and clean” status.

When our original equipment started to fail and needed replacement, Jerry and his outstanding team of pool professionals configured and installed the very best options available for our pool. Eventually we needed re-plastering and they delivered a finished product that had a “better than new” beauty and quality. We believe that Jerry and Scott (Father and Son) of Leisure Time Pool are two of the most dedicated and knowledgeable “pool professionals” in the Sacramento Metropolitan area.

We are still utilizing their service thirteen years later… I ask you seriously, “Who you gonna call?”

– Thom, Fran & Christy, Citrus Heights, CA

“Dear Jerry…..I would like to express my sincerest thanks to you for the service you have given me in the past year. I was skeptical at first, but now appreciate the quality time I can spend with my family, and have actually saved money in the past year concerning the upkeep of my pool. It is great to have the sense of security in knowing that my interest is handled so professionally, whether it is in the winter, making sure my pipes do not freeze or in the summer time when you have to double up on your service to insure that my pool maintains it’s crystal clear quality. I’ve never had a pool service that has responded as timely as you have. Anytime I have contacted you with a problem, I have received a response within the hour making sure that the problem is handled and that my pool maintains it’s great appearance. In closing, not only are you a heck of a nice guy, but also a heck of a pool technician.”

– E.K. One satisfied customer

“Dear Jerry…..I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provided for my pool and spa. You not only provided the maintenance of the pool, but a very proactive preventative maintenance program as well. Your professionalism was only matched by your personal attention to detail. If in the future you ever need anyone to “sing your praises”, I can’t carry a tune, but it would be my pleasure to tell of your excellent service.”

– M.F. Carmichael, CA

“The service provided by Leisure Time Pool and Spa Service has been exemplary. The high quality of the service, evidenced by its thoroughness and attention to detail, has been matched with reliability and honesty. I believe that Gerald Houseman and his team at Leisure Time Pool and Spa Service deserve all the credit for the outstanding appearance of my pool and spa. Jerry has made the pool and spa a showcase.”

– C.B. Gold River, CA

“…Being a family owned company ourselves, we at Century Pools know the importance of quality service and personal attention to our customers needs. Jerry and his family share these values and will work hard to earn your business and insure quality care for your new pool. We are proud to recommend Jerry and his fine company for all of our new pool start-ups. They offer a competitive quality care program tailored to meet your individual needs. They will provide professional pool care and proper chemical balance for your new pool.”

– Brian O’Neal, Owner, Century Pools

“…We are very pleased with the quality of work we have received from your company, and would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone.”

– C.P. Apartment Manager

“Dear Jerry… just a short letter to thank you and to let you know how much we appreciate the way you have serviced our swimming pool. As you know, we were very unhappy with our prior serviceman. You have stepped in and gained our confidence in that we know our pool is well cared for. The pool water is now always clear, clean and swimable to our delight and that of our grandchildren. We have recommended your service to our “pool” neighbors with out hesitation, and with the full knowledge you will do an outstanding job for them as you have done for us.”

– F. F. Gold River, CA

“Dear Jerry…. we would like to take a moment to thank you for the service that your company provided for us since July of 1997. We appreciate your honesty in letting us know some of the problems with our pool and our pool equipment. It has been very nice not having to worry about the small incidentals that coincide with maintaining a swimming pool, such as water levels, (due to El-Nino), chemical balances, and standard cleaning. We look forward to a continued relationship with you for our own pool, as well as many of our future customers who may need cleaning done due to our Sundek remodel process.”

– Alan Pfarr, VP Sundek

“Josh is the Leisure Time professional that takes care of my pool. He’s also become a friend to me and my two dogs who welcome him every Monday! Josh does a great job, is friendly, and has a moment or two to answer my questions. Please let him understand that he’s making a difference, in my opinion, for your company. Thank you,”

– R.C. Elk Grove, CA

“I’ve been a customer for the past few years. I’ve been satisfied with the service Leisure Time provides! I especially like my Poolman Josh, who explains to me when something extra is necessary! I also can tease him about always bumping his head! He takes the teasing well! When the drain cover got old and brittle and broke, Scott came out with his wetsuit and went down to the drain to install a new one. Also, since I’m on a limited income, I can make arrangements when a big expense comes up. This is appreciated! Thank you very much,”

– P. Parker, Citrus Heights, CA

“For the last several years, we have used Leisure Time to service our pool at home and to provide occational repairs and maintenance. Our regular service tech Josh gives our pool a sparkling appearance. And all other Leisure Time personnel clearly know what they are doing. I have come to rely on them with confidence that the work will be done to the highest standards and technical know how. My only wish is that we had turned to Leisure Time a long time ago. ”

– Bob R., Pocket Area – Sacramento, CA

“I want to give kudos to Josh, my service tech. Josh is always professional and courteous and he does a good job of servicing my pool. Josh always remembers to leave the cover of my skimmer basked not pushed down and leaves the latch up on the gate by the pool pumps (I have arthritis in my hands and this helps me) to open the gate and look in the skimmer basket if I need to. I would also like to acknowledge Alicia in the office. She has always been professional, courteous, and helpful when I have called for questions as to schedule something.”

– Linda C., Downtown Sacramento, CA

“My pool is being taken care of very well by the pool guys! Great job to the office staff as well.”

– Ron F., Rancho Cordova, CA

“I never thought my old pool could looks so good! My service tech Josh is dependable and very friendly. I hope that their company stays around for a long time. They do a great job and I love how organized and thorough they are.Thank you!”

– Deborah J., Pocket-Greenhaven – Sacramento, CA

“My service has been on time and now the water seems to be balanced. Josh has been very responsive to any questions or concerns. The office staff has been very helpful each of I call in, research my questions, and get back to me with the answers. Thank you all for your courtesy and conscientious work ethics. Regards, Joan Reynolds”

– Joan R., Elkhorn, CA

“Excellent, dependable service with reasonable prices. Whenever there has been a pool or equipment problem, Leisure Time responded immediately, fixed the problem, and the price was very reasonable. Would highly recommend Leisure Time for start-up or on-going pool services.”

– Peter A., Carmichael, CA

“Mike has been a great pool cleaner for us and we wouldn’t go with anybody else. I give em’ 5 stars for sure! Keep up the great work!!”

– Brian N., Folsom, CA

“We are so happy to have Josh for our pool person. He is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. When we watch our dogs he is very careful not to let them out. Please don’t move him from our pool. He is great! However, I would like to hear some follow up from the office staff a little more! Other than that, they are great!”
– Gloria L., Pocket Area – Sacramento, CA

“My pool serviceman is the best in the business. He cares as much about the pool as I do! Thank you so much to all the staff for your hard work and courtesy!”

– Barbara T., Citrus Heights, CA

“We have used Leisure Time Pool Service for about 3 years now. Josh cleans our pool…He is fantastic! Our pool always looks great when he is done. Would recommend!”

– Deb D., Citrus Heights, CA

“Leisure time is great! My pool guy Kenny takes pride at what he does and really cares. One time, while servicing a neighbor’s pool, he saw that my backyard gate was open! I have two dogs that were outside at the time. Kenny stopped closed and locked the gate, then called me to let me know what happened! I was so grateful. I do not know anybody else at Leisure Time, but if they are anything like Kenny, you can trust them!”

– Andrew J., Elk Grove, CA