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Drought of 2014 – Could it last for more than 100 years?

Published: Friday, March 14, 2014




ocean trends

Ocean trends

According to a recent National Geographic article written in their Daily News, the California 2014 drought which ultimately began roughly 3 years ago has caused Californian residents to be alarmed and many believe, with false hope, to be peeking it’s head this year. But not according to B.Lynn Ingram, a paleoclimatologist out of Berkeley, Ca. She states that according to climate trends, we could be at the beginning of a 200 year long drought.  Our climate goes through trends that typically span over the course of a 20-30 time line. Ingram believes that the 20th Century was an unusual wet anomaly.

So the questions remains. “What would we do if this drought in California continues? Are we prepared for what is to come or the financial hardships that will follow? Which industries or business will be effected the most?”

Recently, many restrictions are already being enforced to local towns, cities and farmers. This article wrote; “Two years into California’s drought, Donald Galleano’s grapevines are scorched shrubs, their charcoal-colored stems and gnarled roots displaying not a lick of life. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” says Galleano, 61, the third-generation owner of a 300-acre vineyard in Mira Loma, California, that bears his name. “It’s so dry … There’s been no measurable amount of rain.” What would the local farmers do? Imagine the cost of produce. With prices already on the rise and in some place, at an all time high, local farmers will need to grotesquely inflate cost of goods in order to stay in business.

Additionally, local restaurants are being strongly encouraged to NOT serve water unless asked. Local utilities have already increased rate since water effects to production of electricity. We haven’t even begun to speak about the small business which are the backbone to our California economics. From contractors to the local pool companies have grown in great concern for their business trying to forecast their revenue stream in the coming years. One local Pool Service company Leisure Time Pool Service & Repair out of Gold River, Ca has been watching the trends of this drought very closely.  Gerald Houseman, CEO of Leisure Time has stated, “This drought will not only effect companies like pool companies but will also effect any contractor that deals with water. It can have catastrophic effects on the local business. Homeowners are in fear of being fined and are questioning “how” they will be able to maintain their pools and spas.” But Gerald has a very positive attitude and says, “This is a great time for homeowners to really begin thinking how they can conserve energy. And we just happen to many of the answers for that through the process of educating our clients on how to effectively maintain their pools and replace their current equipment to run smoother and more energy efficient. Take care of your pool and it will require less maintenance or the need to drain it and re-fill it” (For more information or pool advice, go to: Their friendly pool staff will be more than happy to educate you on proper pool maintenance and which equipment is best for your current needs)


FOLSOM LAKE Before and After

For too long, California residents have been negligent on the abuse of nearly all our resources enjoying the spoils of “over abundance” but it is now time for Californians (me being one of them) to become more responsible and be much more energy conscience. According to an article written in the Pool & Spa News magazine, the State Water Project “will provide NO WATER this year leaving regions on their own.” Water is a staple of life and necessary for not only human life but also everyday living. LETS NOT WASTE OUR STAPLES.

Blog article by: Ryan Lazalier

Article credits: Thomas M. Kostigen for National Geographic.