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WATER ON THE BRAIN? Its not all bad…

Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Recent studies by Australia’s Griffith University reported by Aquatics International found that  nearly 7,000 learning swimmers under the age of 5 — including samples from the United States — to determine when their kids were reaching major physical, cognitive and emotional milestones……The study yielded some surprising findings: Not only did child swimmers achieve physical feats faster, but they were more cognitively advanced. Test results found that these kids are months, even years, ahead intellectually. They’re able to read, write, count and use building blocks better than those without aquatics education.

So, the real question is, “Is Water on the Brain all that bad”? Well, it seems not in this case or this scenario. Perhaps teaching your children to swim at an earlier age through swim classes creates stimulating environments caused by being exposed to detailed instructions, visual cues and rhyming songs says, Professor Robin Jorgensen. So the next time you consider only the negative side of having, building or maintaining your home pool, consider all the wonderful and positive possibilities and lasting experiences that owning and positively caring for your beautiful pool can be for you and your children.

Who knew that being a good swimmer as a child could make you such an intelligent adult later in life?………………. “The things that make you go hmmmmm.”

News Source: Aquatics International by: Nate Traylor