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How to save money and energy on your swimming pool electricity costs…

Published: Friday, May 04, 2012

So you get your electricity bill at the end of the month and your jaw literally hits the floor. And not only are you spending way too much on electricity you find out that a big chunk of that money is going towards your swimming pool, more specifically your swimming pool pump. What to do? A great option would be to switch to the IntelliFlo Variable Speed swimming pool Pump by Pentair. If your pool is 10 years or older and you have never had your pool pump replaced, you will be due for a new one soon! This swimming pool pump will be your savior! Just to run a couple numbers by you, the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump has typical annual cost savings of $620 – $1,360 each year. That’s 90% more energy savings on your swimming pool operating costs versus that traditional pump you have in your pool now. It operates at 45 dB (Put a link here for the 45 dB), meaning it is quieter than moderate rainfall, but slightly louder than a library. And of course, it comes with 8 programmable speed settings and a built in timer for maximum efficiency and savings for your swimming pool. How does it do this you may ask? In short, it’s comparable to a hybrid car. It has ultra-efficient magnet motors, technology that allows the swimming pool motor to match and operate at your pool’s needs, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor design, and built in diagnostics. All-in-all, rather stocked!
Take this into consideration

Your annual energy used by your refrigerator (500 kWh) + clothes washer (211 kWh) + dishwasher (309 kWh) = 1,020 kWh/year. Add that regular single speed pump you have in your pool +3,285 kWh = 4,305 kWh/year on basic appliances and pool pump.

Now let’s switch your basic single speed pump with the IntelliFlo. 1,020 kWh/year + IntelliFlo (1,150) = 2,170 kWh/year!
So now is the time to change that old pump for this new IntelliFlo pump and start saving money!

This means that the pump is basically free for you! With the money you have saved by using IntelliFlo, the pump will have paid for itself within roughly 15 months!

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