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Basic Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips – Greater Sacramento Area

Published: Monday, April 30, 2012

With the coming of the Spring season, there is always an abundance of pollen, leaves, and other debris in the air. Sacramento has many trees, bushes, and other types of vegetation so it is important to keep your pool debris free. Clean now and save time and money, or clean later and spend unwanted time and money. Here are some easy tips to cleaning your swimming pool!

– If you have a swimming pool cover, clean all the debris off the swimming pool cover before removing it. This ensures that no debris falls into your swimming pool when removing the cover.
– Empty your swimming pool skimmer baskets frequently. This will help minimize the amount of leaves that end up at the bottom of your swimming pool.
– Skim your swimming pool when there are large pieces of debris on the surface. Doing so will ensure that your swimming pool’s filter system will not clog due to too big of pieces being sucked in. Remember, empty your skimmer net occasionally when skimming so that debris does not accidently fall back into the pool.
– Keep the trees and bushes trimmed back to minimize the amount of leaves and debris that end up in the swimming pool.
– Keep your lawn clear of any debris. Wind can easily blow debris from your lawn into your inground swimming pool or spa.

– If you just uncovered your swimming pool, skim first then run your filter in two, five hour cycles until your pool is clear. Avoid running your filter for long periods of time on hot days. Doing so will save you energy costs of running an overheated swimming pool filter.
– If your pool looks green/brown or has an unpleasant oder, the cause is probably algae. You should test for proper chlorine levels or give us a call if you don’t want to do it yourself.
– Clean and clear your swimming pool filter, pump, lint trap, and swimming pool skimmer baskets regularly to ensure that your swimming pool’s filtration system is always working properly.
– Adjust your swimming pool inlets so the surface water is moving in a circular direction.

If you keep up with these simple tips, you can ensure your pool stays clean and healthy. If you would like to enjoy your pool while enhancing your leisure time, give us a call and we can provide you with great service that will leave your pool with crystal clean water!