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Green Pool Problems – Greater Sacramento Area

Hey there everybody! We here at Leisure Time hope that your week went well. This weekend is going to get hot with temps in the mid 90’s. Also, the Garlic Festival is going on in Gilroy, so be sure to check that out!. Anywho, being that its the summer time, we get lots of calls regarding all sorts of pool issues; from cleaning tips to pool sweep problems. However, one of the most frequent issues we hear about is the issue of a “green pool”. Though it may seem like a simple, easy-to-fix problem, green pool cleanups are one of the most annoying and costly of all pool problems. The reasons could be many. Maybe your pool pump isnt being run throughout the day as much as needed. Maybe there is too much debris in your pool and your pool sweep isnt working. Or maybe your pool just ...

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Keeping fit in the pool while having fun!!! – Greater Sacramento Area

Hey everybody! So the temperature this week is going to stay in the 90’s! A great time to get in your pool! However, with the heat comes fatigue, and with fatigue comes laziness! And we all know when we get lazy, exercising goes straight out the window! A great way to get exercise, cool down, and have fun is to get in your pool and exercise! So here are a couple exercises you can do in the pool and still have a great time. 1. Kickboard Drills -Using a kickboard, swim four laps freestyle using only your legs to propel you through the water. -Rest for one minute after you first set, then repeat. -More advanced swimmers can try alternating freestyle kicking and breaststroke kicking between laps to work the leg muscles in  different ways.   2. Make Waves -Swim to the shallow end and ...

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New Summer Product Specials! – Greater Sacramento Area

Hey all! We hope everyone survived that crazy heat last week! This upcoming week, the forecast looks like it will drop back down into the mid 80’s and low 90’s! Perfect pool party weather! We have been getting non stop calls about old equ…ipment problems because of over-heating. We have also been getting calls about high energy bills as a result of older pumps. Well you can kill two birds with one stone! Visit our specials page to learn about our Summer Product Specials going on. Including a new Intelliflo Variable Speed pump that will save you tons of money in evergy savings using its new intelligent technology! Check out some of the specs on this pump! IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pumps IntelliFlo Variable Speed pumps combine variable drive technology, onboard digital ...

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