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Pool Chemicals? Do they really matter?

Published: Thursday, April 05, 2012

So, your Leisure Time pool Tech comes out to your house weekly while you are at work and throws some chemicals into your beautiful pool and calls it a day. Then you get the bill at the end of the month and wonder, “Does this extra money I put into my pool matter? Do those chemicals he throws in there do anything?!” Short and sweet answer.   YES!!!!!!!!!

Sure, your pool’s filter system does a good chunk of the cleaning that your pool needs. However, its like the city sewage plant… Just because the water goes through a strainer, doesnt mean that the water is clean to use. Same idea for a pool. That pool filter system will catch the dead leaves, bugs, and debris that collects in your pool, but it doesnt necessarily make it clean.

That’s when our Chemical Services come in. Here’s what we do and why it matters!

Ph Level – The level of acidity in a pool. If PH is too high, there is not enough acid in the pool and debris is more likely to stick to your pool plaster. If Ph is too low, there is too much acid in the pool and it can eat away at the plaster in your pool. So, our Techs balance your pool at a level of about 7.4-7.6. They do this by adding more acid to lower the PH, or by adding Soda Ash to raise the PH. *Remember… Water seeks its own level. Meaning any foreign object that comes into contact with your pool will change its chemical levels. Including… PEOPLE!

Chlorine – Sanitizes your pool. Easy concept to understand. Chlorine kills bacteria and algae. Our techs keep a healthy dose of chlorine (1-3 parts per million) in your pool to maintain cleanliness. If you ever see green gunk in your pool, it’s time to get our Service Techs out there for a Chemical Filter Brush Service to balance your all of your chemical levels and give your pool a good scrub and skim.

CYA (Cyanuric Acid) – Also known as “conditioner”, does the same as sunscreen for your skin. When you add sunscreen to your skin, your skin is protected from the UV rays in the sun which can degrade your skin. Right? Same concept with CYA. Sunlight degrades the chlorine in your pool causing the levels of healthy chlorine to decrease. CYA protects the chlorine, allowing it to last longer! Healthy CYA levels are around 30 – 80 parts per million.

Salt – Naturally chlorine turns into salt. Salt Systems use a Cell (mechanized device) that turns salt back into chlorine. So a cycle is produced of turning chlorine into salt then salt back into chlorine. Those without Salt Systems, need not worry. The residual salt from chlorine is very seldom an issue. Plus salt gives your pool a silky feeling that is more comfortable for your skin and hair! Healthy salt levels are 2700 – 3000 parts per million.