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Swimming Pool Pet Safety – Greater Sacramento Area

Published: Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hey all! Recently, there have been many reports in the news and social grapevine of safety regarding pets and swimming pools. Our pets are our most beloved friends and if anything happened to them, we not only feel heartbroken, but also responsible. Leisure Time wants to help reduce the amount of swimming pool pet accidents by giving all pool owners some tips to preventing these situations.

-Pets should not have access to swimming pool areas while unsupervised. If they are able to access these areas without human supervision, precautionary measures should be taken.

-Fences: By installing 4ft high fences, your pet will not be able to access the swimming pool unaided.

-Alarms: Swimming pool alarms can be installed so that if movement in the water is detected, the alarm will sound.

-Toys: Remove all toys from the swimming pool water and vicinity. Doing so ensures that pets will not be tempted to jump in to get the toys.

-Obedience Training: Training our pet to come when his/her name is called is vital in not only swimming pool safety, but all other forms of safety. A pet, who can come to you when called, is one that will be able to heed your warnings before a potentially dangerous situation occurs.

-Teach your pet: Jump in the water with your pet and train him/her to use the steps. Many pets do not initially make the connection that there are steps on one side of the pool. Train your pet and physically show him where the steps are, then practice with him until it becomes muscle memory where if he/she falls in, he/she can swim to the steps and get out of the swimming pool. Not only does it teach them swimming pool safety, but it is also fun and for the most part, funny!

Though this subject is serious, it is also important to have fun with your pet while teaching them swimming pool safety. Pets respond to positive reinforcement and happiness. It should be a fun and rewarding experience that will leave you with piece of mind and a pet who is knowledgeable in swimming pool safety.


Till’ next time!