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Easy Steps for Beautiful Pool/Spa Water! – Greater Sacramento Area

Published: Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey everybody! It’s another great day in the Greater Sacramento Area! Memorial Weekend is just around the corner and here at Leisure Time, we know that EVERYONE who has a pool is going to want it to be ready for that big party you’re going to be throwing! So, if you need work done to your pool, GIVE US A CALL ASAP! Scheduling is filling up and we want everybody to have a great Memorial Day Weekend! However, there are some things you can do now on your own to ensure that your pool is ready. Below are 3 easy steps to making sure your swimming pool’s water stays clean and clear!


1. Use a serviceman-quality test kit. (We recommend a Taylor Test Kit – 44.99).

  • Do not use reagents that are expired.
  • When getting water to be tested, reach down so that water comes up to your elbow. Don’t always retrieve water from the same area of the swimming pool or spa.
  • Rinse the test tube with water from the swimming pool or spa, and never cap the tube with your finger.
  • Store test kit in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • In the summer test with the kit once a week.  Test with test strips once or twice a week depending on frequency of use and weather conditions.

#2 Superchlorinating (shocking) is a very important regular preventative step for maintaining healthy, beautiful pool and spa water.

  • Oxidizing chemicals get rid of combined chlorine or chloramines (that nasty chlorine smell and eye irritation that everyone thinks is too much chlorine) as well as algae and germs.

#3 The recommend temperature for a swimming pool is 78-82 F; a spa is 104 F.

  • At higher temperatures, calcium carbonate scale forms more readily, affecting your filters, heaters and surfaces.
  • Also, carbon dioxide in the water tends to evaporate more quickly and, by leaving the water, causes the pH to rise.
  • Spa water needs to be tested and adjusted more often than pool water.  When your test kit indicates your spa needs chemicals, be careful to use very small amounts.
  • For your pool, once your thermometer starts reading above 82 F, start testing a couple of times a week as stated above.