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Grillin’ Tips – Greater Sacramento Area

Published: Monday, August 06, 2012

Hey everybody!
This weeks has been in the 90’s and looking sunny! Its the perfect weather for pool parties and grilling!
With your kids or grandkids in the pool, us adults can get kinda bored just watching them. Well, break out the tongs and meat and get grilling!

Grilling Tips

Safety First – Don’t grill in an enclosed area; use baking soda to control grease fires, not water; place grill on stable ground; make sure food is properly cooked and handled to avoid food-borne illness.

Keep it Hot – Preheat your grill to prevent food from sticking. You’ll be able to hold your hand five inches above the grate for two seconds if the fire is “hot” and three to four seconds if the fire is “medium-hot.”

Keep it Clean – Last year’s food does not make a good seasoning for this year’s food. Use a wire brush or a ball of aluminum foil to clean your grate before cooking.

Grease Your Grate – Once your grill is clean don’t forget to use oil to prevent sticking and make for easier clean-up.
Have Everything Nearby – Make sure you have everything you need close to the grill before cooking. You don’t want dinner to burn while you’re inside looking for the right seasoning.
Leave an Open Space – Preserve an unheated space on your grill to place food on if you have a flare-up or if something is cooking too fast.

Till’ next time!