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Leave us a Google Review!

Here at Leisure Time, we aim to provide you with excellent service at your leisure! Therefore, we want to know more about what you think of our company and our services. So, leave us a review on Google and help others see that we are the best Pool Service company in the Sacramento Area! Click Read More -> Then Click the Google Button!      Read More →

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Our New Site!

Hey pool owners! Our new site is up and running as you can see! What do you think?! NobleImage has done a great job of revamping our entire look! Below we have some city specific pages that will be up and running soon, so keep an eye out for em’. We have some great new specials to go along with our new site! Check em’ out!  Read More →

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Install VGB-Compliant Drain Covers

One of the most important factors in keeping children and adults safe from entrapment incidents in pools and spas is to install anti-entrapment or safety drain covers that are compliant with the P&SS Act. Drain entrapments are frequently the result of a swimmer’s body, hair, limbs or clothing becoming entangled in a faulty or flat drain or grate. The best defense against entrapments is to prevent them before they happen by installing federally-compliant drain covers. Inspect your drain cover regularly to make sure it’s not broken and is not missing. View a listing of manufacturers of VGB-compliant products.  Read More →

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