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Spring is almost here!

The rest of this week’s forecast…rainy But good news! Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful day! We are coming into the Spring season, which means everyone will want to get their pools into beautiful working order soon. But don’t wait! Get started on your pool now so that when you want to throw that party or family get together at your house, your pool will be sparkling clean! We have all kinds of specials going on now that last until April 30th. So check em’ out and let’s get your pool looking good!  Read More →

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Poison Ivy

We hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend! So everyweek on Tuesdays, we have a team meeting. During those meetings, we cover a weekly safety issue! This week’s issue was particularly interesting because it is so easy to forget! POISON IVY Poison Ivy is highly prevalent in wooded and grasssy areas of Sacramento. There have been more than a handful of times where kids running around the pool area come into contact with this deceptive plant. Poison Ivy can be difficult to spot, as it looks like just a general plant. What it looks like: Remember this phrase and tell it to your kids! “Leaves of Three, Let it be!” We all know what this plant does to our skin (makes it extremely itchy). However, also be aware that the itchy sap omitted from Poison Ivy can stick to clothes, shoes, ...

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Pool Chemicals? Do they really matter?

So, your Leisure Time pool Tech comes out to your house weekly while you are at work and throws some chemicals into your beautiful pool and calls it a day. Then you get the bill at the end of the month and wonder, “Does this extra money I put into my pool matter? Do those chemicals he throws in there do anything?!” Short and sweet answer.   YES!!!!!!!!! Sure, your pool’s filter system does a good chunk of the cleaning that your pool needs. However, its like the city sewage plant… Just because the water goes through a strainer, doesnt mean that the water is clean to use. Same idea for a pool. That pool filter system will catch the dead leaves, bugs, and debris that collects in your pool, but it doesnt necessarily make it clean. That’s when our Chemical Services ...

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